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Meet the partners: DW Innovation

For you to get to know the SERMAS team better, we have created a series of articles where we presented the main people running the project. The team from DW shared their thoughts about the project main results and objectives.

1. Nine months into the project, how do you think SERMAS is shaping its work to make a difference in the XR sphere?  
The project can hopefully make XR more human-centered, more trustworthy, and thus more useful and enjoyable. 

2. What is the SERMAS vision of XR?  
I'm just going to spell out the acronym: socially-acceptable extended reality models and systems. That sums it up nicely. 

3. In relation to the project outcomes, what is the main result that SERMAS will provide?  
It's still a bit too early to predict final results, but we should aim for a modular, sustainable toolkit that allows users to create relatable XR agents which can then be put to work across different platforms and scenarios.

4. Reflecting on the past six months and gazing into the future, which trend stands out prominently and will shape the landscape of XR? 
It's hard to pick one. Avatars and all kinds of virtual identities will probably play an important role. Then there's the big hype around generative AI – which will most likely lead to some sort of generative XR, i.e. we'll see more stunning images and other machine learning "magic" in augmented and virtual reality experiences. Last, but not least, there's a good chance that the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro headset will kick-off a new software development boom which will then lead to the creation of spatial computing experiences that are more sophisticated and more popular. 

5. Which sector do you believe is making the most extensive use of XR technology? Additionally, looking ahead to the future, which sector do you anticipate will adopt XR technology?  

I guess a lot of people in manufacturing/engineering and medicine/healthcare are using XR, especially when it comes to augmented reality tutorials and simulations. XR is also leaving its mark in education and entertainment. As for new sectors: I don't think we're going to see any surprises. People will try and upscale XR in existing fields of application, though. Think secondary schools and university labs. 

6. Describe the project in one word.  


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