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Meet the partners: King's College London

For you to get to know the SERMAS team better, we have created a series of articles where we presented the main people running the project. Luca Viganò, from King's College London, sat down with us to give is thoughts about the project.

1. How do you think the SERMAS project can make a difference in the XR sphere?
What really sets SERMAS apart, in my view, is the joint multidisciplinary effort of researchers of different disciplines and sectors working on the theory and practice of XR systems. Although such multidisciplinarity is certainly not uncommon in the XR sphere, SERMAS brings an unprecedented effort to achieve not just the development of new models and systems, but also the guarantee that these models and systems will be efficient, secure, trustworthy, and thus, ultimately, socially acceptable.

2. What is the SERMAS vision of XR?
SERMAS’ vision of XR is that XR will really enter the life of the citizen only if it will be efficient, secure, trustworthy, and thus, ultimately, socially acceptable. Functionality alone won’t be enough, nor will the hype surrounding social media. It will need to be accessible, and attractive, to the ”normal” users, including those who are technology averse or usually unable or unwilling to engage with technology.  

3. What is the main result SERMAS will deliver?
A novel approach to design, develop and analyse XR agents. XR agents developed with the SERMAS approach will be not just attractive for developers and users, but also trailblazing as they will pave the way to the adoption of a novel generation of XR. 
4. What do you think is the most important trend in the XR field for 2023?
An advanced, secure, trustworthy socially acceptable user experience. 

5. Which sector is using the most XR at the moment?
The arts, but other sectors are gaining ground rapidly, basically, all those that provide services of some form. Oh, and social media, of course. 

6. Describe the project in one word.

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