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Meet the partners: Spindox Labs

For you to get to know the SERMAS team better, we have created a series of articles where we presented the main people running the project. This time, we talked with the team of the Spindox Lab. Take a look.

1. How do you think the SERMAS project can make a difference in the XR sphere?
SERMAS will provide evidence of the importance of human factors related to technology. Thanks to XR people have access to many services but they are still looking for a ‘more natural’ interaction with a virtual system.  

2. What is the SERMAS vision of XR?
SERMAS’s vision of XR is driven by a socio-technical approach. This means that XR is considered as a technology that will expand the potential of people. This will be possible both by designing an easy-to-use technology and also to be able to address important principles, such as diversity, ethics and security.   

3. What is the main result SERMAS will deliver?
When a person will be able to interact with a non-human agent as they would do with another person. 

4. What do you think is the most important trend in the XR field for 2023?
Given the fact that many sectors are moving quickly in this direction, there will be an increase in the usage of XR in most sectors. In my opinion: gaming, entertainment, retail and healthcare.  

5. Which sector is using the most XR at the moment?
Sectors focused on social interactions and entertainment. 

6. Describe the project in one word.
SERMAS is SERMAS! (when the interaction with an agent will not create any social concern, it will simply be SERMAS!) 😊  

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