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Meet the partners: TUDa

For you to get to know the SERMAS team better, we have created a series of articles where we presented the main people running the project. Take a look at our interview with TUDa.

1. How do you think the SERMAS project can make a difference in the XR sphere?
With a focus on social acceptance, SERMAS provides a novel framework for building agents that can interact with humans reliably to enhance the XR experience. 

2. What is the SERMAS vision of XR?
We see the opportunity opened by XR and AI technologies that will revolutionize our daily lives as smartphones have done. XR technologies can be applied in most sectors to support us, humans, from public services to personalized healthcare and education. XR technologies are around for quite a while now. However, in practice, they’re rarely used. As potential use cases are rather limitless, how to include them in our daily lives “the right way” is still an open question. One important factor is the lack of user acceptability. And this is the starting point for SERMAS.

3. What is the main result SERMAS will deliver?
At TUDa, we will deploy frameworks for the design, development, deployment and management of methods for language-based interactions between humans and the SERMAS XR agent. 

4. What do you think is the most important trend in the XR field for 2023?
Improve user experience with XR technologies 

5. Which sector is using the most XR at the moment?
Education: Virtual training; industry and manufacturing 

6. Describe the project in one word.

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