Open call 2: DEMONSTRATE

What are we looking for?

The main goal of SERMAS OC2 DEMONSTRATE is to fund the development and implementation of highly innovative and challenging AR/VR/XR sub-projects, which will become part of the SERMAS environment as success stories, enlarging the value and outreach of the SERMAS ecosystem, XR models and tools.

The OC2 DEMONSTRATE will fund a consortium of 2-3 partners representing innovators, devices manufacturers, technology providers and integrators.

Icons representing the nine domains of sermas

The OC2 DEMONSTRATE covers new domains/industry, different from those addressed by the SERMAS pilots. Applicants are encouraged to use the XR technologies already developed under the SERMAS Toolkit and adapt them to the domain of their choice according to the objectives and scope of their proposed agent idea. It is possible to select more than one model and/or tool to be applied to their proposed agent and facilitate the demonstration of the pilot.

All of the above-mentioned domains should be considered in one or multiple of the following overarching fields of application: training, services, and guidance.

What do we offer?

An innovative, collaborative environment with specialised infrastructure, technology, knowledge, and the chance of being funded with up to EUR 150 000 per sub-project (lump sum per consortia).

Guidelines for applicants

Please carefully read the guidelines for applicants before submitting your application. 

Do you need further advice and support? You are strongly advised to communicate with the SERMAS team via the SERMAS online Q&A.

Apply by 26 June - 17:00 CEST
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