Pilot 2: Post Office Agent

What is the problem?

Thousands of customers visit the post office every day requesting a wide variety of services, increasing the need for effective and personalised customer support. Currently, a person greets customers at the post office, providing them with information and guidance on services. With SERMAS, a Post Office Agent avatar will assist customers, interacting in a conversational mode and directing them to the right place.

What is the solution – and what technology is it based on?

The XR system provides a face-to-face friendly connection, using effective communication combining touch and voice, adapting the interaction to the particular customer. It’s capable of detecting and interpreting gestures, voices and emotions of the customer, like indecision or user satisfaction, and answering accordingly.

The Post Office Agent will move through the environment autonomously recognising an approaching user.

Who is the target group?

The customers and workers of post office shops.

What are the benefits?

The Post Office Agent guarantees quick assistance and efficient responses to customer inquiries. It enhances personalisation by utilising customer data to recommend tailored products and services. The agent's ability to communicate in multiple languages allows the interaction with a broader and more diverse customer base. The agent also helps to relieve pressure on human personnel, reducing their intervention in repetitive tasks.

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